What We Do


Artificial intelligence and machine learning advances are creating new job opportunities across all sectors globally. As the world, technologies and job requirements continue to change, individual educational and experience levels must keep pace and adapt accordingly.

The ability to utilize these technologies to their fullest is not only dependent upon individuals that have the education, training, and experience specific to their fields, but as importantly, possess the high level critical thinking skills required to navigate through the operational, ethical and moral decisions that come along with these advances.

What We Do

Rauch Education is a partner in your career development journey with online Live Interactive Sessions from middle school through professional courses. Our strategic academic services are aligned towards empowering our students by illuminating their minds with the skills of critical thinking and teaching and utilizing time management skills within each Rauch Education academic session.


Whether for U.S., or foreign students studying within or outside of the U.S, we specialize in assisting students in navigating the long and stressful process of preparing for college or grad school starting with academic sessions to strengthen the student’s academic level or to fill in gaps should any exist.

In addition, university admissions testing i.e., PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and other standardized tests are offered. CV and resume building, major/minor combinations, career guidance, college application assistance, admittance decision assistance, and recommendations on volunteering, co-curriculars, research, internships, conferences, interviews, and LinkedIn profile building are just some of our specialized areas of expertise.

Pre-Professional and Professional Services

Offered internationally through our Academy of Applied Management Sciences (AAMS);

  • High Impact Professional Transformation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning for Engineering Students
  • Crisis Resilience and Auditing

Rauch Education firmly believes that education equips individuals to stand as equals, regardless of race or gender, by imparting the knowledge of the world around us, allowing us to make changes for the better.

We invite you to join us in building your education and life skills, so that you can more positively impact our world for the better and build a better future for all of us.

Areas of Expertise

Enjoy the most immersive experience of building your college profile under the aegis of experts.

  • Services related to university admissions
  • Career guidance experts who can road-map the career
  • Subject matter experts to guide on major/minor combinations
  • Profile building advice according to the areas of interest
  • Strategic academic sessions to upkeep the academic readiness
  • Recommendations on volunteering initiatives and its sessions
  • Recommendations on research and co-scholastic work and its sessions
  • Resume and portfolio building

Rauch Factor

The Rauch Factor: Being our student can not only boost your chances of getting into colleges but also our strategic interventions will enrich you with a college application experience to remember.

The Team: As every student is different, they require customized support and services to achieve their goals. Our experts not only understand this difference but also build students for their success with extensive research and usage of technology. 

30-minute Free Consultation: Our experts get to know you, your academic aspirations, current readiness and assess your needs based on this information. From there, we create a detailed plan and implementation strategy to on-board you with us.

Our Beliefs

Professional success is the outcome built on solid education foundations. Not leveraging this opportunity can lead to a struggling professional life.

Students are not inanimate data-points. An honest attempt must be made to provide every student with an opportunity to develop a sound career.

Our Goal

We aspire to help students make the most out of their academic knowledge and cultivate critical thinking to use this knowledge so that they achieve their professional aspirations and feel confident to build their success.


Education allows individuals to stand as equals regardless of race or gender and gives us a knowledge of the world around us, allowing us to make changes for the better.

As a diverse international company, we constantly strive to make a positive difference and have developed Rauch Education to join a growing global community focused on providing quality educational content that has the power to change individual lives by providing invaluable lifelong skills and enriched personal and professional growth.

Based on careful consideration and participation in the decision process by a variety of international government and private partners, Rauch Education is providing as its flagship offering our Academy of Crisis Management and Auditing (ACMA).

ACMA and forthcoming Rauch Education offers are designed to meet the ever-growing demand of governments and employers who are eager for individuals that possess the knowledge and skills to meet current and future challenges and opportunities.

Educational Partners

Rauch Education offerings will be provided directly and through partnership agreements with educational institutions. These institutions and the educators that will be utilized for course presentation must meet stringent criteria and shall be tested scientifically for exhibiting the process of thought synthesis and ability to deliver the sessions along with present-ability, professionalism, and integrity.

Importance of Education

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