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Answer:  While some of the services offered in our packages are fundamentally the same, the content of the services will build with each grade level to meet and challenge the student’s academic level.  The depth of the needed services will grow as the student steps up from grade level to grade level which may require a different skill-set of the Rauch Education staff.  As students’ progress through high school, in addition to academic support, more support will be provided in preparation for college admission, major/minor combination planning, resumes, essays, interviewing and other necessary components in the college application process.     

Answer:  There are two payment options.  You can either pay for your package up front in full or you can pay with a fifty-percent (50%) deposit and then you will be invoiced four months later in the fifth (5th) month for twenty-five percent (25%) and the final installment four (4) months later at month nine (9).  Payments must be made in advance of receiving services.  If payments are late, services will stop until the delinquent payment is received in full before services resume.  

Answer:  Rauch Education provides not only academic assistance, SAT prep, international exam prep, GRE/GMAT, TOEL/, IELTS, coaching, scholarship application assistance, resumes, major/minor combinations, internship and research opportunities, extracurricular advice, assistance with choosing colleges to research and possibly apply to, graduate and PhD level college applications, and assessing college acceptance options, to name several examples, but we do so while interweaving test taking and life skills that will carry students from the classroom to their careers.  We truly care about getting to know our students on a personal level, building not only their resume but their confidence as well.  We try to build up the entire student making them more prepared for their career path.  We communicate and collaborate with our students and help them play up their strengths and build up their weaknesses resulting in a more confident individual. 

Answer:  No, a package is not required, and you can choose our services on an a la carte service basis if that is what you feel you require.  We do recommend not waiting too long before seeking any type of assistance whether it be academic, SAT, AP,  entrance exam preparation, or college application assistance.  Waiting too long will only worsen the problem and the hole the student will have to dig themselves out of will only grow exponentially. 

 With regards to our packages, we do feel that they offer students the  best advantage for getting ahead and gaining a leg up on their peer competition, but enrolling in a package is not mandatory to utilize our services.

Students – Academic and Advisory A La Carte Services

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