FAQ's What is the Process?

Answer:  Each package we offer is for the duration of twelve (12) consecutive calendar months.  Each component of the package has an allotted number of hours.  Extra hours or services can be purchased a la carte.  Ideally, we set up a schedule of meeting virtually with the student twice a week for one hour.  We find that the system works best if the same day and time slots are kept each week, the consistency also is a component of teaching time management, attention to detail and communication skills.  If the student is not able to keep their scheduled time, we offer the ability to reschedule it to another day and time ideally in the same week.    

Answer:  The initial assessment is a proctored test taken via Zoom.  After the initial assessment, a test review is planned, the number of sessions required each week is discussed and a schedule is set up.  Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) on the needed topics are provided to the student via e-mail and they are asked to complete it within five (5) days before the next scheduled session, assuming it will be the following week, and to e-mail it their proctor so they can review the answers in preparation for the upcoming session.  The student and instructor connect via a Zoom call and after the instructor and student catch up on what is going on in the life of the student, how their school week went, discussing any difficulties and what they are working on in class, the homework will be reviewed item by item and incorrect answers will be discussed and students will re-work them during the call with assistance or discussion.  The student can make the correction on their hard copy of the assignment for future reference.  New material will be covered and another session is set up and DPPs will be assigned after the session.   Other topics can also be prioritized, if necessary, in order to meet the student’s goal.    

In the case of language, after the initial assessment, the student is being enabled on various strategic levels.  Starting with the basic strategies, the student is asked to practice outside of session time.  The strategic enablement is checked and depending on the strength of the initial level, the next level strategies are given to the student. This is how the learning efficiency and effectiveness is augmented by consolidating linguistic abilities.  

Answer:  The proctors and instructors at Rauch Education not only assess each student’s academic needs, but try to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and work on strengthening those weaknesses which will result in a more confident and independent student.  In addition, to learning subject matter, test taking skills sometimes need to be developed and we at Rauch Education try to assess those issues during our academic assistance sessions and SAT prep.  We help talk the student through their choices and how a better selection could have been made based upon the information at hand, even if they were unsure of the correct answer.  Bettering their chances of choosing the correct answer is beneficial on all types of assessments from typical classroom quizzes and tests to SAT and other high-level entrance exams.  We find that building skills builds confidence and confidence promotes optimism and more positive results.

In addition, Rauch Education recognizes that many skills are needed in life, not just academic success, but work-life skills such as time management and critical thinking.  These invaluable skills are part of our lessons and sessions starting with the students scheduling their own session dates and times, rescheduling their appointments as necessary and gathering information from multiple sources, analyzing it and making educated decisions about their future.

Answer:  All our instructors are academic high achievers and qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their respective fields. They are specifically trained on developing learning efficiency and effectiveness through our own learning models. In addition, our instructors are a fine combination of industry experience along with the expertise in training and coaching. The instructors are successful professionals contributing meaningfully to the industry and society at large. Moreover, as they train students from diverse backgrounds, they understand the confusions, learning needs and practice needs which students have. Understanding the same, they roadmap the journey of students so that they can achieve their aspirations. In this way our students benefit from the diverse experience of their trainers. We are proud that we hand-hold our students during these most critical times in their lives.

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