FAQs International Students

Answer:  Seeking expert guidance by showing your current academic progress and getting your options worked out by them can be a good starting point. Book an appointment with the Rauch Education representatives to learn if you are on the right path in choosing the areas of your interest.

Answer: One needs to understand and road-map the path of pursuing a graduate program considering various scenarios which can evolve along with the major/minor combination which one is wanting to pursue. Evaluation of financial assessment and support are other critical aspects of foreign education. Moreover, doing proper due-diligence of the place, academics and opportunities at a particular university and assessing one’s own academic readiness to do the same needs to be evaluated too.

Answer: Evaluating the degree of one’s own (family) contribution, and getting oneself assessed for the eligibility of financial aid, loans and scholarships is a good idea.

Answer: Considering our expertise in this area, Rauch Education can help you to understand the type of project works, internships, research writing, high impact development projects (even at international levels), workshops, community services and many such initiatives which students can undertake considering the major/minor combinations which they have in mind. Moreover, such initiatives help students experience the real-life work environments before making the commitment to pursue a graduate or PhD program in the university.

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