FAQs Still Confused?

Response:  While parent(s) do know their child(ren) well, they sometimes do not hold the most objective view of their child(ren) as it is sometimes hard to see weaknesses in those we care about.  The staff at Rauch Education is equipped to properly assess students and will apply the input from the parent(s) and provide an analysis of areas where the student needs assistance.  Rauch Education offers many services to students and their families whether it be academically, in preparation for college, interviewing, assisting with branding the student for college applications, or advancing to graduate or post-graduate school. 

While we do have packages, we can adjust the amount of time spent on items within the packages, if required, in order to better customize our services for the student or additional time can be added via our a la carte items.  Parents are often surprised at how beneficial the services in our packages are to their student even when their initial intent to utilize Rauch Education was strictly for academic support as we strive to build a more well-rounded student who can utilize these strengths and skills we teach after high school.  You can trust that Rauch Education has your child’s best interest at heart as we too work hard to help them succeed.

Holding off to think about utilizing any service to help your child may be warranted as not to make a rash decision or to plan financially, but please keep in mind that an excessive delay in starting an education program will also delay the results not only due to the time frame spent waiting, but if the student needs academic assistance, they will continue to fall behind in their studies; thereby taking longer to catch back up.

Answer:  First, please realize that not all systems work for everyone or with enough efficiency and secondly, not all programs are created equal.  While you may have tools and systems in place whether it be at home, tutoring at school or with a professional tutor, or whether you have employed another company to assist your child(ren) with tutoring, college prep classes, application assistance, etc., if after several weeks, results are not seen, a new perspective might be required. 

Meshing with an instructor and how material is presented is very important.  Rauch Education prides itself in offering various learning techniques to help students learn.  Styles vary from discussing assignments and what answers were incorrect and helping the student come to the reason why, providing and asking for examples of language topics being learned, providing constructive feedback on essays, to understanding math problems and which formulas to use at what time.

Not only does Rauch Education care about your child(ren)’s success, but we incorporate key skills into our lessons to help them succeed not only now, but when they enter the workplace.  Teaching and practicing critical thinking and time management skills are two such examples.

Finding the correct fit as well as a partner who cares about and takes an interest in the student as a person and strives to set the student up for life-long success through building skills is what sets Rauch Education apart from its competitors.  We at Rauch Education would like to know what you expect from us and if you join our family, we would like to know what you like and what you would like to see us offer or improve upon as we strive to not only better your student, but ourselves.

Answer:  Academic disillusions are not always the fault of the student, as sometimes, it is the way the subject matter is presented or the lack of a foundation that inhibits the student.  One example of how Rauch Education has circumvented this issue with a student who had difficulties in developing claims because of their limited world views. Upon investigation, Rauch Education learned that there were no family conversations on the controversial topics and the student lacked interest in history which is critical to develop a world view.  As we started intervening in history, as well by adding a second day of intervention each week, the student became much more at ease with writing and now understands the significance of history.

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