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Answer:  While the role of schools is to educate our children, there are various reasons as to why this aspect of their role fails.  People learn differently and sometimes schools are not either willing or able to adapt and utilize different teaching styles to accommodate various learning styles.  When this happens, students fall behind, receive poor grades or grades less than what they are capable of achieving, students do not grasp concepts, they feel lost and become disinterested in school or in certain classes or in some cases, behavioral issues arise.

Answer:  Parents often do not realize that they cannot fully support their child in their either their college quest, assistance with subject area preparation for SAT/ACT/AP or other tests, or interview techniques to name a few examples.  The education system and college admission process has drastically changed since most parents have been in high school or college.  The competitiveness for getting into college, let alone into a good college has increased tremendously.  The academic demands have increased due to new technology, new and evolving professions, internships and research are now the norm for students; therefore, students must set themselves even further apart from their competition.  Rauch Education has many professionals who have their finger on the pulse of how to help students determine their interest in a major and a possible minor, how to help students set themselves apart in the admissions process with profiles, resumes, essays and to assist them with developing real-world critical thinking and other life skills. 

Response:  Yes, while many students have responsibilities outside of their classes, whether it be sports, clubs, out of school activities, caring for someone else, work, etc., some of the work you will be doing while enrolled with Rauch Education you would be doing on your own time anyway.  Resumes, college or job applications, extra help with difficult homework, PSAT, SAT, AP or other exam preparation would be done in your free time.  At Rauch Education, we assist you with those tasks in addition to others.  By receiving assistance in areas you find your current material that is challenging.  Classwork and homework will become easier and in the long run will take you less time to complete assignments since you will have a better foundation and understanding of the material.  The result will be better grades and more free time since you will eventually not struggle in school.  Putting the extra work in now will show a payoff in the future.

Response:  While parents want what is best for their child(ren), they sometimes forget that having a happy child(ren) is also important and part of career and life success.  We at Rauch Education will provide an assessment to help determine your interests and strengths.  With this information, we can better gauge possible career paths for you as well as colleges suited to those careers.  The Rauch Education staff can discuss the results with your parent(s) during scheduled parent(s) sessions and try to help them understand both your skillsets and interests and how they align with your parent(s) ideas for your future.

Answer:  It is natural for parent(s) to want the best for their child(ren) and for them to want them to be better than their peers, but parent(s) need to recognize that not all students are created equal.  Creating such an expectation and the pressure on a student having to be perfect or to obtain straight A’s is not only unlikely for most students to achieve, but the amount of pressure placed on a child(ren) to obtain such parent driven goals especially when the student’s skills or natural born intellect will prevent them from achieving your pre-determined goal can spur many consequences.  Children face many pressures in everyday life.  While working to the best of their ability and pushing gently for them to exceed their ability is not a bad thing, adding unneeded and unrealistic pressure on a student who will never be able to achieve an unrealistic goal, will only lead to frustration, resentment and disappointment for all involved.  Rauch Education will strive to help your child(ren) reach their potential and learn key skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Answer: Rauch Education provides an e-mail address for parent(s) to contact us in order to get answers to their questions. In addition, a contact Skype phone number is provided. Our normal response time is 12 hours. Finally, our packages include update and discussion sessions on the student’s progress with parent(s). Please see our packages for more detailed information.

Answer:  At the end of every session, the date and time for the next session will be reviewed to verify that there are no scheduling conflicts and adjustments will be made if necessary.  If an emergency arises, we require 24-hours’ notice of a cancellation or change before the scheduled session time or the session will be charged.

Response:  The staff at Rauch Education does not see themselves as authority figures, but as teachers and mentors.  Our students are comfortable with us as there is a respectful relationship of a team approach.  We are here to help our students grow and succeed in both school and in life.  We get  to know our students on a personal level as well as their interests and achievements both in and outside of school.  The staff at Rauch Education tries to understand the student’s perspective and thought process in order to help support them both in their decision making while learning and also, while making the tough decision of discussing college acceptance options.  Developing a connection with the student and building on that relationship helps foster trust and communication resulting in our students feeling comfortable asking questions and alerting us when they don’t understand or struggle with a lesson, assignment or concept.  In addition, students are more receptive to advice on essays, applications, college choices and other pertinent decisions that may potentially affect their college and post college opportunities. 

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