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University Admission Packages – US, Canada, Australia, European Countries and New Zealand

  • Pre-admission stage – Entrance tests, selection of university and support on scholarships, financial aid, foreign loans on eligibility basis
  • Admission stage –Technical and non-technical support, help with ASOPs and university essays, scholarship applications
  • Post admission stage –Grad readiness and career readiness

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Other country specific programs

  • ALEE® – Assessment of Learning Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Learning Enablement Level-1
  • Learning Enablement Level-2
  • Job Readiness Programs
  • Career Readiness Programs
  • Passionate about helping students achieve their dreams
  • Looking for additional income
  • Have the right influencership to do so
  • An entity which aims at expanding its horizons into education sectors
  • An entity interested in getting mentioned to re-model themselves
  • An educational university institute/academy to take their students to another level of enablement
  • A sports academy/institute who wants to help their students
  • An entity or individual with good social media presence
  • A business incubating agency
  • A tutoring aggregator
  • An online platform with considerable presence

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The relationship and business model is subject to the eligibility qualification according to our criteria of partner evaluation. The process is as follows:

    • Email us your company/individual profiles at
    • We would set up a 30-minute meeting with you after your selection on Step 1.
    • We would propose a business model subject to the evalution as per Step 2.
    • After mutual acceptance, post Step 3, the onboarding process would begin.
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