Transfer and Other Student Services

Transfer Students:

Transfer applications can be challenging to many students. However, our start to finish transfer application process is designed to get you into the universities you aspire. We work on every aspect of the transfer application to realize this aspiration.

Other Student Services:

These are the specific student services which can either be availed in addition to the packages or as independent options in the specific areas where one can require help.

Research Fellowship Program

Do you want to stand-out in the competitive world of college admissions?

We can help you! Our virtual research program is designed to benefit the students who wanted to undertake research but never got an opportunity to do so. We believe intellectual curiosity to be an inner calling which would surprise us any time during our academic journey. Students need an eco-system to harness it. With this program, you will be undertaking a personalized research project under the guidance of experts. This experience will not only make you ready for the academic endeavors at the university but also differentiate your personal profile.

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