Academy of Strategic Learning and Advancement (ASLA)

Unique Learning Opportunities

Rauch Education and ASLA offer assistance and strategies that allow you to reach your academic goals most efficiently. Whether you are building your academic foundation, wanting the most out of your exams, or about to begin your university or career path, our experienced team is here to help.
  • Develop strategies to optimize the process of learning in both online and offline environments, a key for successful and sustainable higher education.

  • Develop new age persuasive communication skills necessary for the next generation of professionals.

  • University Assistance & Academic Guidance – To ace the undergrad and graduate programs in all their disciplines.

  • Strategies for foreign university admission. 100% of our students were able to get into the University of their choice.

  • Graduation & Career Readiness Assessment
  • Students of Rauch Education, USA appearing for the competitive exams have the privilege of being US Toppers scoring in the range of 750 to 780 in both English and Math.

  • Rauch Education deploys data science based latest analytic techniques along with AI based tools to enhance the learning curve of the students.

  • ALEE – 95% of our students have moved to the next level within 6 months.

  • Prep Course SAT, Pre SAT- 100% of our students have earned college placements in top universities

  • GRE, IELTS & TOEFL – 100% of our students have accomplished their academic and immigration targets.

  • Advance Placement Programs (AP)& ACT – 98% of our students have earned 95 th percentile in ACT and 4/5 on AP subjects.

Importance of Education

Global Headquarters

9550 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas,
Nevada 89123 USA

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