Academy of Crisis Management and Auditing (ACMA)

ACMA was developed to enhance the learning curve of beginners and mid-level management individuals to deliver in the evolving business and corporate ecosystem. ACMA provides expert-guided educational programs that provide new to dimension into global education, designed to provide the ability to lead change, innovate and process complex situations. Our unique programs are derived from hands on practical knowledge in diverse domains, together with comprehensive research conducted by our team of global experts. Learn how to navigate the paradigm of sustainable business resilience with insight and strategy through the lenses of Crisis Resilience Framework.

Importance of Education


Professional Courses

CMA Core

Designed to offer a healthy blend of path-breaking syllabus, teaching techniques and methodologies that equip students with skills to plan, manage and respond to crisis while providing invaluable lifelong skills and enriched personal and professional growth and aspirations.


An essential program for the organizations and corporations that enables and prepares the workforce to enhance the learning curve to effectively deliver on evolving business systems in the organizational framework.

CMA Apex

Takes you through a journey of transformation to add a new paradigm to your skill set. This strategic paradigm, of not only assessing vulnerabilities, but also sustaining through them and leveraging them to your cause, is a powerful skill in the 21st Century.

Global Headquarters

9550 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas,
Nevada 89123 USA

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